IT‘S BBQ TIME! Your are planning a BBQ with friends and still need some side dish ideas? Don‘t worry, here we are with this simple and tasty Pull Apart Bread.
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This soup will totally surprise you! It’s easy to make and tastes delicious!
This might be the most delicious partyfood ever! Serve it with a salsa dip.
Eating pizza without regrets? No problem! You will love your new Low Carb Pizza!
About     5     years     ago     I     met     my wonderful    husband    and    suddenly one    of    us    had    to    be    in    charge    of feeding   our   hungry   mouths.   That   is when    I    realized    that    cooking    and baking    is    the    most    stress-relieving and    joy-bringing    activity    after        a long day of studying and working. I   like   it   to   keep   things   simple,   that‘s why   you   will   find   a   lot   of   easy   and quick    recipes    on    Quicktasty‘cs.    But that    doesn‘t    mean    it    cannot    taste absolutely    delicious.    Don‘t    believe me? You‘re on ;-)